Landscape + Architectural Lighting

Professionally designed landscape lighting for your home or business.


Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces With Light!

What is Landscape Lighting?

Our landscape lighting and hardscape lighting products are a solid cast brass, LED bulb product, manufactured by AMP Lighting out of Tampa, FL. We have products to illuminate your home, foliage, pathways, boat docks, gazebo’s, trellises and underwater to name a few. These fixtures include spot lights, pathway lights, deck lights, step lights, bollard lights, up/down lights, down lights, underwater lights and many other fixture options that will beautify your home and business. Landscape lighting will ad beauty, safety, and security for a many years to come as our landscape lighting products come with a lifetime warranty.

With all the beauty that properly placed lighting adds, or professional and experienced installation is what makes all the difference. Our sales staff will walk the areas and with you and discuss the best possible results with minimal but sufficient fixtures that include the proper bulb for the job at hand. We also offer a color-adjusted, color-changing bulb option with zoning capability for your spot lights if you like the ability to add color to your home.

Our trained installers use tools to reduce disruption of the existing landscape and all wiring is buried to 6″ whenever possible. The overall result is a long-lasting lighting system that will enhance your home or business.

What is Architectural Lighting?

Highlight and enhance the intrinsic beauty of your home, hardscapes, and commercial properties. Architectural lighting is the design and illumination of your property’s architectural elements such as exterior facades, pillars, fences, hardscapes, or entertaining spaces. With properly designed lighting solutions, your property will stand out with its beauty and warmth. 

Hardly Noticeable During The Day

Patented channel design blends into roof line Multiple colors to match any building. Hides wires completely from view Secures lights securely in place. Adds architectural beauty to any roof.

Music Capability

Whether it be using the mic on the phone, having it plugged in directly, or playing off your phone, The new Trimlight app will play along with your music!


User friendly app, cutting edge technology. Program millions of colors, patterns & animations. Customize patterns for any holiday or event. 180 pre-set programs for ease of use. Built-in calendar & timer functions.

Cloud Based Technology

With cloud based technology you can now connect to your system when you are away from home.